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Why using a no sale, no fee service can cost you dearly.

1.Only pay to sell YOUR property.

 By paying a fixed fee at the beginning of your sale you are ensuring that you only pay to sell your home not for the failure of others. Agents who charge a commission at the end of the sale have to charge a premium to cover the cost of all the property they don’t sell.

Obviously the stats change from area to area and agent to agent, but as a rule of thumb an agent will complete on 3 moves if they agree 4 sales, they will sell 4 houses if they get 6 houses on the market and they will need to value 12 houses to get those 6 on the market in the first place.

So buy paying a commission charge at the end you are actually paying for 25% wasted time chasing someone else’s solicitors, 33% on viewings on other peoples properties and 50% of the time it took to value your own home.

If you think about it like that paying a commission at the end of your sale is madness.

2.Get the BEST price for your home.

 A lot of people think that by paying a commission at the end of their sale they’re motivating their agent to work hard in order get the best possible sale price. The reality can be quite different.

An agent charging you a commission at the end ONLY gets paid when they sell your home. Far from working hard to secure you the best possible price for your property, they can often leave you feeling pressured into accepting a low offer in order to secure the sale. Let’s say you’re lucky enough to find an agent who will sell your home for 1% and assume your home is worth £250,000. If your agent sells it for the asking price you will have to pay them £2500 + VAT, now if they sold it for £220,000 you would have to pay £2200 + VAT. For your agent that is drop of just £300 but for you it’s a MASSIVE drop of £30,000.

While selling via a no sale, no fee service may seem like a no lose situation when you look a little closer it’s clear that it’s the highest risk strategy of them all.

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Holters on PrimeLocationHolters on ZooplaHolters on Zoopla

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