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Land Registry Changes

The Land Registry have made a move to widen their powers which could have a very positive impact on the housing market. Following a successful prototype, Land Registry are publicly consulting on providing Local Land Charge searches in addition to keeping and maintaining the Land Register, where more than 23 million titles – the evidence of ownership in England and Wales – are documented.

They are looking to make the buying process easier and more efficient by digitising government services and making public data more accessible which hopefully will benefit the wider economy.

Holters Director Karl Morgan explained "Local Land Charge searches are provided by 348 separate local authorities and turn around times can vary anywhere between 1 and 40 days. By making this information easier to obtain they will speed up the buying process which will be a great benefit to the housing market. Finding a buyer is only half the battle when selling a property, getting the sale to completion is often the hard part. Buyers have a long time to get cold feet and change their mind so anything that makes the sales process more efficient has to be a positive move."

Karl Salter

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Holters on PrimeLocationHolters on ZooplaHolters on Zoopla

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Holters Modern Estate and Letting Agents in Shrewsbury, Shropshire

Holters Modern Estate and Letting Agents specialise in selling and renting property across England and Wales. Primarily based in Shropshire but also serving London and the home counties, Worcestershire, Herefordshire, Staffordshire, Cheshire, Gloucestershire, Birmingham, The Midlands, Powys, Mid Wales, Gwent, Newport, Cardiff, Monmouthshire and South Wales.

Holters provide a modern twist on traditional estate and letting agency, our aim is to deliver a first class service, a comprehensive marketing package but at a fraction of the cost of your traditional high street estate agents.

When you have a combination of solicitor’s fees, survey costs, stamp duty and the dreaded estate agents bill on top of that, moving home can be a very costly experience. Our vision was to create a modern estate agency which provides a fabulous service whilst saving you money and so Holters was born.