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Getting The Particulars Right!

Having dealt with and witnessed many properties over the years, being made available onto the open market, one big issue I continuously seem to come across with Estate Agents is the lack of detail and poor quality of property particulars.

We have all been there, collected a set of paper particulars from an Estate Agents office or clicked onto ‘View Extra Details’ on websites. To only become frustrated after it has become apparent that there’s no floorplan available, or there are only 1 or 2 images to view, or the images that are available are useless and distorted! Another problem that is not uncommon is the descriptive write-up. Do you really want to know how many plug sockets are in a room? What light fittings there are? Is or isn’t there fitted carpet? My answer is simple – NO!

In today’s competitive housing market it is more important than ever to present your property either in paper or web format correctly. It frustrates me to think that even though they are paying £1000’s, some vendors are either happy or blissfully unaware that lazy Estate Agents out there, use these idle methods to market their clients most prized assets. Of course I’m not suggesting that all Estate Agents do this, however it is increasingly worrying the amount of times on a weekly basis that I am astounded by some agents attempts to market homes.

Here are some of my suggestions for you –

  • First and foremost I would always strongly recommend using professional photography. There are many reasons for this, however for me the most important is to always create a good first impression. Whether a potential buyer is looking at the property on the internet or at the hard copy particulars first impressions are everything. Potentially there is only a small window of opportunity to catch a buyer’s eye. If they’re glancing over lists and lists of property in a search having pictures that allow your home to ‘stand out from the crowd’ gives you the best possible chance of them furthering their interest. Remember the more pictures the better.
  • Descriptive write-up – Of course it is essential to include all necessary information and functionality’s internally and externally, but it’s more important to really emphasise to a potential purchaser the lifestyle, the local area and the ambience of the property that they will be buying into, really catching their imagination and interest. Also have key features to your home bullet pointed towards the start, so that the eye is drawn directly to your homes best and most valuable selling points.
  • Finally we all know how helpful floorplans are to view. So make sure your property is of no exception and it is as visual and clear as possible, detailing all rooms titles and measurements.

As a result, and hopefully making certain your property particulars are now as good as they can be. You are now really optimising the best possible chance of selling your home. Changing that initial first glance into a read, a read into a viewing and a viewing into an offer.

Here at Holters we know what we would expect – EXCELLENCE and nothing less! Please make sure you do as well.

Of course there are an abundance of other suggestion I could make, but what would I have left to recommend upon the market appraisal? I guess there’s only one way to find out….

If you’re unhappy with the service you are currently receiving with an Estate Agent, please feel free to contact me on 01743 453 436 or email at will.hodnett@holters.co.uk and let me help you achieve a sale through EXCELLENCE.

Thank you for reading.

William Hodnett MNAEA
Co-director Holters Ltd

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